Places To Visit

There is so much to do on Hilton Head Island, you probably won’t want to leave; but, if you are staying a while and would like a change of pace, we suggest you take a day trip to one of the following great locations:

From our Tennis Master Rental, it's about 45 minutes to beautiful Old Town Bluffton.

This beautiful old church sits on the banks of the May River in Old Town Bluffton.

  • Old Town Bluffton is a beautiful place that is enjoying a renaissance after being neglected for many years.  There are numerous art galleries in this small town and It is home to many festivals and other events.  There is also a great Farmer’s Market every Thursday afternoon where you can find fresh food to cook in our gourmet kitchen.  If you don’t feel like cooking there are a lot of great restaurants here too.  Some of them are newly opened branches of Hilton Head Island restaurants, but our favorite is the older Cahill’s Market which is a little more off the beaten track.  It serves fresh grown produce and wonderful big breakfasts and lunches. My husbands favorite is a big plate of lightly battered and fried chicken livers.  I know that sounds weird but they really are melt-in-your-mouth tender.
  • Dafauskie Island,
  • Beaufort,
  • Savannah – This historic town is home to many old homes and beautiful gardens as anyone who has seen the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” can tell you.  It is also home to many great restaurants. We particularly like The Cotton Exchange Tavern on River Street and The Olde Pink House Restaurant.
  • Charleston
Parking in the Shade, Old Town Bluffton

Standing under one of the many old oak trees draped in Spanish moss in Old Town Bluffton.






From our Hilton Head Rental, it is about an hour by car to Savannah. You can also get there by ferry from the island.

Taking visitors to Savannah for the day is always fun. There is a wealth of history and beautiful architecture in this great city and the restaurants and shops are great too.